Dear God, we’re lazy. And summer’s hot. And the subways suck. What else can I complain about? Rent sucks, my AC broke, whatever.

You now have the Menswearhouse Podcast as your beacon of hope and we’re back with a hypothetical sitch.

If you had a blank check to write to one fledgling designer, who would it be?

Who will win? Who will be banished to the menswearhouse dungeons? When will we get a cease and desist letter from Men’s Warehouse?

These answers and more in episode 14, now in iTunes low definition.

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Knight’s zeal to play in the game is endearing, and his plea to Jordan gives us maybe the best non-Murray line in the movie: “I may not be tall, but I am slow.” That is a great general road map for a joke: Use the first clause of a sentence to set up viewer expectations for what the second clause will be, and flip those expectations on their head. That model probably reached its pop-culture apex on 30 Rock, which mined it in almost every episode.

It also produced my favorite line from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, when Jim Carrey tells Courteney Cox to leave him alone so he can investigate the dolphin pool: “If I’m not back in five minutes — [pause for effect] — just wait longer.” Boom.

Ring Jacket AMJ03 in deadstock Ermenegildo Zegna cross-ply fabric.

A really interesting shade - not quite purple, not quite red, not quite pink - the variation from the cross-ply and the fabric composition (48% Linen, 38% wool, 14% silk) create a dusty look that’s quite a bit more wearable than it first appears.

With Drake’s accessories and Liverano Shirt.

This Saturday, July 26th Huw Griffith-Jones from Fox Umbrellas will be in store to assist clients with made-to-order umbrellas and walking sticks.

Getting something custom made, whether it be shoes, tailored clothing, or accessories is always an exciting experience.  Yes, it’s a little nerdy and, yes, it’s a little particular but having something made just for yourself will always beat the feeling of immediate retail satisfaction.  It’s always a bit more special.

The options from Fox are quite extensive, offering a variety of woods, canopy colors, finishing details, and monogramming options as well as custom lengths and little tweaks.

At the very least, it’ll help prevent you from leaving it at the bar.

Fox Umbrellas

July 26th at The Armoury NYC