This weekend I stopped into Muji, the Japanese retailer that sells everything from socks to back scratchers.  If you happen to live in New York I suggest checking them out.  It’s a cool little lifestyle store that’s unassuming and clever.  The main reason I stopped in was to take a look at their knit cotton jacket that was recommended by Bruce Pask and Jason Rider a couple months ago.

The Upsides

It really is as comfortable as a sweater.  It has absolutely no internals, fits close to the body, and has a bit of stretch built in.  Slim, cut on the shorter side, & lightweight, it would make the perfect travel jacket.  It’s also on the cheap side ($110), so you won’t feel bad smashing it into a ball and throwing it wherever.

The Downsides

This jacket isn’t meant to impress.  There’s no pick stitching, canvassing, or working buttonholes.  But who would want that on a jacket like this anyway?  The only downside I saw really was the amount of Poly in the fabric (40%).  This is great for allowing the jacket to stretch and maintain it’s shape, but probably not so great for the life of the jacket.  If you can get past that…

Pick one up (I did).  You can buy in the store or order online.

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