Luciano in a uniform that every guy can look great in without the risk of appearing boring.  Call it the prototype.

Dark sportcoat | Medium gray trousers | Lightly striped shirt | Solid or lightly patterned tie | Your favorite pair of shoes | One signature item (his glasses, in this case)

The details are best left to the individual depending on the situation and mood.  Single breasted or double breasted? Peak or notch lapels? Flap pockets or patch pockets?  What kind of collar?  Width of Lapel.  Cuffs or no cuffs?  Mean mug or smile (Barbera prefers muggin’)?  

I’m learning that these little things are what can set you apart in dressing.  They are also the most fun to fuss over because, lets face it, you’re a nerd if you’re reading this.  The older and fartier I get the more I want to just dress simple.  There will always be those times to do cartwheels down W Broadway in my Fratagonia.

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