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V Serious #Reviews

V Serious #reviews is a new feature for the StyleSeek Review Series where I bring you the most extensive, hardest-hitting analysis of products from the interweb’s finest retailers.

The first item “up for bat”?  The varsity knit baseball sweater by Shades of Grey.

I know what you’re thinking.  ”Who wears Shades of Grey?”, ”Is this at least pic-stitched in Naples?”, “You really think I’m going to wear Shades of Grey?”,  ”Is this 4-ply? I only fuck with 12-ply man”, “I’d cop if it came in Antelope Suede…”, “Where’s the bathroom?”

First off, shut up.  Why can’t we just enjoy nice things?  Second, you’re gonna have to hold it, we’re not getting off this review highway until we’re there.

I’ll admit that Shades of Grey isn’t the first brand that pops up on #Menswear’s most wanted list.  But I’d also wager that most of you probably haven’t tried on a single garment from the relative newcomers.  And I hadn’t either until I recieved this Baseball sweater from the guys over at StyleSeek

The truth is, I was surprised by how great of a product it was.  Shades of Grey is a self proclaimed “wearable fashion brand” and I’d have to say that this jacket fits that mold pretty well.  Below are the results of a V serious R&D session conducted over the course of a week.

The jacket’s neutral tones and classic styling allow you to finally try out that must-have accessory.

The wool blend fabric is durable and keeps you warm even in the most hazardous situations.

The raglan sleeve shoulders and shawl collar give it an old school vibe, but they keep the fit slim and modern.

Finishing touches include a grosgrain placket and secure snap buttons.

And one serious picture for my mom (Hi mom, Right click —> Save Image as..)


Very warm | Slim fit | Raglan sleeve shoulders | Grosgrain trimmed placket | Solid snap buttons | Wool Blend | Hand Warmer Pockets | Substantial Shawl Collar | Surprisingly durable |


"Fashion-y" Brand Name | Exposed seams where shawl collar meets placket |

For more information or to pick up your own visit Need Supply Co’s webshop

All photos courtesy of Christopher Fenimore

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